peace comes with peace, not with air and ground raids…

It seems pretty obvious to me. I read an editorial on what Israel is doing in response to the rockets coming into southern Israel…and it said that of course Israel had the right to respond, but he questioned if the way they are responding is doing any good, or achieving any of their goals. They are killing and maiming, causing a humanitarian crisis and they are losing support of the moderate arab and muslim countries, and having many of Israel’s own citizens enraged and sick of the hawkish strategies that are just not getting the job done.

Israel is waging a war on Hamas- good- great- whatever…but if they think that getting rid of Hamas (which they probably won’t do) will leave them only moderates to deal with they are WRONG. The more a powerful and dangerous army wages war on the small region of Gaza, the more Israel creates fear and hatred among Palestinians.

The article also mentioned how the strategy of trimming off the many  fanatics and dealing with the moderates doesn’t even work in their own country. Israel has many political and religious fringe movements that hate arabs, and target palestinians in their own suicide bombings. I don’t know how prolific these occurrances are, but it is obvious that Israel Knesset isn’t monolithic.

This just more proves my point that the only road to peace is with nonviolence, at least in today’s world. What is sad… i think…is that many people think that killing and targeting ‘terrorists’ is the way to world peace and security.

I know that Israel is a UN supported ‘country’ and Hamas is a fanatical ‘terrorist’ group, but when i see the causualtie numbers it looks like Israel is causing the most terror on a group of innocent civilians.

430 dead palestinians, 4 dead israelis

this whole action is just a tragic beginning of the new year, and is putting off a lasting peace in the region for who knows how long…

read this about the humanitarian crisis- make sure to look at the pictures…

and just to remind everyone Israel is killing children- 65 so far this week, and they don’t have to


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    Sérgio Henrique Ribeiro da Silva said,

    Hi, my name is Sergio. I´m an argentinian living in Brazil and a jew.
    Reading your blog and becoming to know and learn your view on this barbaric, sad situation on Gaza i first off all like to say that we do agree in pretty much everything. First off all, i´d like to congratulate you not only for writing and sharing your thoughts in such a sensitive issue. It´s not easy handle with a subject like these and not sound rude and still show a very strong and articulate conviction.

    By te way, i didn´t mentioned my judaism in vain. Once you have the minimun of conscience and don´t let yourself being manipulated for the media that is pretty one sided, who have the guts to call this a war… This so called war, i simply can´t condened someone to have any kind of bad feeling or some sort of anger on jews, it´s wrong but it´s human. Once you see the Israel army murdering people in such a coward way, and don´t have the knowledge of judaism or jews. No one can explain to everyone that this absurd in Gaza, that became with the foundation of the Sionism in 1896 once Der Judenstaaten was writen by Theodor Herzl, created this extremly stiff and bitter group of very rich jews of make a full distortion of history to get a territory who don´t belong to them, belong to Palestine. A entire class of jewish history, just saying that Herzl is a fraude for one simple fact, IN ROMAN PERIOD THE JEWISH PEOPLE WAS ALREADY HELENIZED… but it can´t be given to every single person who turn the television, for the most banal motives, this ” Came to know the jews in details ” explanation. So what they basically see? Years of non sense violence against everyone that´s not sionist in the middle east.

    People with good sense, sure know that your religion and where you came from don´t build the simple notion that violate and murder palestianians it´s just not human. But then again, generalizition exist, one more time i salute this blog because we might not finish a generalization, but exposing our opinions we do have a great path being build to comprehend everything better.

    This is a massacre, not just a genocide but an etnocide, when you talk about the hatred in Israel you´re abslutely right, my aunt is a medic who was livng there, the ethnical, racial, religious intolerance was one of the motives that make she came back to Argentina, even being a jew.

    Once it´s war like some have the nerve to say, i suppose there´s a reaction from the other side, right? As you said here, “430 dead palestinians, 4 dead israelis” so, 430 vs 4, i guess this is everything but a war.
    About Hamas, quickly, before his death Yasser Arafat made his last efforts to squash Hamas, they keep alive in a way more modest financial condition. But gained a tremendous popular support, with a budget that reaches 70 millions dollars a year, with 70 mi during a whole year, to train and sustain a terrorist cell it´s just impossible, if you have an Estate to administrate like they do since the victory on the last elections, with such a low budget this people just don´t have how to be a threat. The block that Israel imposed to them make things only worse. From the islamic groups, the one best trainned for bellic actions is Hezbollah.

    Here is the part of being a jew. Many people i listen they say that this whole situation make they feel shame for being jews. Here´s my argument to say that there´s no reason for shame.

    Once you believe that you have the right to murder someone simply because you born with a different kind of religion or came from an diferent ethnic group among the ones in your region, if you do believe in that, you just put on the trash can your entire humanity. It might sound a litte strong, but to me Ehud Olmert is just a big time killer, a criminal. I can´t even have any consideration for him as a human, being this way your race, religion belief and all the rest who are consequences of your human condition aren´t consideridate for me as well. To me people like Olmert and all the others who believe in shoot, bombing, kill, exterminate races, to me these guys just aren´t humans and of course they don´t have any of this consequences that the human behaviour and existence offers to you. My god, promote etnocide with a huge army against people who barely have water at home? It´s an full of bombs air plane againts helpless civilians, i might be radical saying this but it´s a firm conviction, to me those assassins aren´t humans. Who promotes sistematic extermination of people, what you want me to call them?

    This gang of butchers is human only for cientifical meanings, if they got a headache the same medicine that cure them will cure any other one. Because we´re humans, they can´t get this, we all are humans. The sad part as that they were educate and are educating people this way, with this amount of rage for the palestines, arabs, persians and even the ones who are jews like them, but have complete disaproval for such sick methods on how you should live. I simply don´t believe in hating and teaching hate. It´s something that came a way before my religion, this is call humanity. This people don´t understand that we are all humans, with one huge, but very sweet and with this pretension that writing might look foolish but i bet that we all just, we just want to be happy. Simple like that to write, complicated to reach it or leave quiet around ourselves when we finally reach it. But if even sound stupid, in the end that´s what it´s all about, happiness ( which is a warm gun only in The Beatles song ).

    We do have problems, i´m now coming back in the massacre promoted by the governerment of Israel topic. But as long we have spaces like this one, were things are so well exposed and estimulates reflexition and writing back we do have something and something that i regard as very important. A place were we can express our indignation, share our thougts and i congratulate you again for that Becky. So sorry for having writing so much and have made this so gigantic, it´s just that this subject always brings so many, many things.

    Thank you so much for the space.
    You sure gained a reader.
    Peace comes with peace ( no doubt about it )
    By the way this new reader gonna meet the rest of the blog now.

    Sérgio Henrique Ribeiro da Silva Klymowicz

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