“to my estimation, it will be a lengthy operation”

this is what an Israeli army spokesperson said…

Mark Regev, a spokesman for Israeli government- this is good for the people of palestine as well- they deserve more than what the Hamas offers them.

Yes- I am sure that Israel is sending thousands of ground troops into Gaza for the Palestinian people.

This is just terrible- the Israeli government is fore warning us that they will be killing people in Palestine for a long time.

Mark Regev says people in Southern Israel have the right to live a normal life…

but at what cost?

time and time again military solutions in the Middle East have only led to more violent conflict.

Israel is out of its mind- they are run by insane zeolots with trigger happy warmongering.

this must end

the people of the middle east deserve to live normal lives- not just Israelis…

but let me say this- people do not get what they deserve in this world…that is the way it is…

Israel needs to learn that they cannot make the world ‘more fair’ by guns, bombs and armies…

if anything they are making this world a much darker place as they are responsible for more deaths of innocents

(and I do not by that it is really Hamas responsible for these deaths…Israel is the perpetrator of Palestinian deaths)

i pray for sanity to be restored in the middle east but I know that it will not change a thing…

israel invades gaza

israel invades gaza

is this what the road to peace looks like?


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