Lets get a couple of things right…Zionism is not Judaism.

Zionism is a nationalism. Judaism is a religion. Israel is a country.

And likewise, Palestinians are Arab by ethnicity, but they have their own specific identity as Palestinians

Palestinian is an ethnicity. Islam is a religion, Muslims are people who practice Islam. Palestine is a territory split by geography, history, and the result of forced migration.

Zionism is a little bit older than the Palestinian nationalist movement. But they are both equally relevant nationalisms.

I really want people to understand that to be anti-zionist is not anti-Semitic. Not supporting Israel’s claim on the region in the Middle East is not anti-Semitic.

Palestinians are not anti-semetic. They have a legitamate and healthy fear of Israel because of the history of the region.

In 1948, after almost 50 years of the birth of the Zionist movement, Zionists got what they had long been awaiting. The UN declared stake on the land Jewish settlers had inhabited for some years. The only problem was the local inhabitants. Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion  either wanted a South- African solution to the problem of the locals, or the idea of ‘transfering’ the population out of the region. He was fervently dedicated to the idea of a homogenious jewish society. After World War II and the horrific Holocaust in Europe, Ben-Gurion rode the wave of sympathy to have the British and the UN mandate that Palestine be turned into a Jewish State. Israel encouraged Jews from all over the world to migrate to Israel. Palestinians were rightly upset about the powerful swindle of their homes, backed by the UN. They fought the Israeli’s in 1948, and were defeated. The hurt Zionists (and Jews) felt from the Holocaust, the Palestinians feel from the 1948 war.

Forced migration of a people is wrong. It was wrong when Andrew Jackson evicted Native Americans (mostly Cherokee) from their land. It was wrong when Nazi’s carted Jews like cattle off to concentration camps. It was wrong when FDR forced Japanese Americans into concentration camps. There are many more examples. And it was wrong.

It is wrong what Israel did to the people of Palestine. And it still is. The oppressed become the oppressors.

I honestly think that the Israeli government and army don’t want peace. From the beginning they did not truly want peace. Palestine has tried to participate in peace settlements for 60 years. Israel has been unwilling to comply. The whole United Nations has voted for peacetime arrangements and two- state compromise and they have been vetoed by the US, and most of these votes were almost unanimous with the exceptions of  Israel, the US, and the Marshall Islands…( where are the Marshall Islands by the way?)

If Israel wanted peace they could have had it. But the entitled attitude of Israeli actions over the years have proven time and time again that they are not truly interested in peace.

Here is a link to an article that explains some of the issues on Zionism.

Here is a link to a horrific video of the catastrophe that is taking place in the Gaza Strip.

And a couple more thoughts:

Bush completely supports Israel and their decision to invade Gaza.

Obama hasn’t been heard, saying that there is only one President at a time…hmm but he seems to be pretty vocal about putting together an economic plan.

And on the idea that if Vancouver launched rockets into Seattle- we would attack back…this is ridiculous.

AND when Obama said if someone was firing rockets into his home with his daughters he would fight back…this goes for the Palestinians also. As more and more children are killed by Israeli army, the more anger, sorrow, and enemies Israel creates. When someone fires on you and they fire back and then their children fire and they fire back and this goes on for generations and generations…we get death, tragedy, and war.

The death count is now 500 palestine, 5 Israelis…There are more than 2000 injured, and many many amputations.

What is going on right now in Israel and Palestine is despicable. This has to stop…

How is this part of a peace process?

How is this part of a peace process?


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  1. 1

    Lauren said,

    I am glad you point out the difference between being anti-Zionist and anti-semitic. It is unfair for people to be labeled anti-semitic simply because they do not agree with what Israel is doing. People need to be able to speak up about what is going on right now especially because NO ONE in the media seems willing to say anything against Israel. I can’t understand it. I am glad you wrote this and I hope some kind of dialogue will open up soon about the horrific events occurring right now in gaza.

  2. 2

    Lynn said,

    Wow, becky. Thanks for this history. War is not the answer. LV

  3. 3

    Sérgio Henrique Ribeiro da Silva said,

    Finally! Theodor Herzl and his entire nacionalist-fascist ideas, Zionism, they just have nothing to do with judaism! As far things are going the last thing it came to my mind is peace, the State of Israel no longer exists, if some day ever existed. Now what exists it´s the Israel Army, they represent Israel matters.

    I unfortunetally just can´t buy any of the numbers released. Gaza is small as an egg ( and a little egg ) with the power off the Israeli army ( some people don´t believe it it´s army better trained and equiped than the american ) it´s just impossible you have over 2000 wounded people and more than 500 dead, it´s sad but it´s true, the real numbers probably already should be in a very, very creepy and scary scale.

    PS: Hey Becky! I read your answer. It wouldn´t be a bad idea at all to write some posts in english as well. Make some bilingual posts or something like it, that´s something i would do with any problem at all.

  4. 4

    Jenny said,

    Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas demanding answers from Bush’s
    press secretary. Fast forward to 1:10 into the clip.

    here is clip

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