For what its worth…

I don’t like seeing muppets with guns 😦

BUT, this is great…thank you Julie for the suggestion…


protest song against men ( and muppets) with destructive guns

(ps why was the whatnot muppet wearing a fez?)


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    Sérgio Henrique Ribeiro da Silva said,

    There´s some things, that i don´t know if i have intelligence enough to find on internet. Umberto Eco, when was diggin really deep into violence studys. And he talks in a very remote point, it´s really short but it got me. The Muppets armed, i mean it´s curious to say the very least. So… Muppets with guns, i finally watched!

    By the way what he said about Muppets armed is that he´d rather see the Muppets armed, then he´s kid. He also uses as an exemple that it´s trully healthy as well once we live sourrounded by the culture of violence and being so inevitable the contact with real violence the fact that his kid only gonna have one contact with a weapon he´s entire life playing a video game. Playing, seeing things that you just know that it´s fantasy.

    Now muppets whit guns, i don´t know i just have this dark, kinda rough sense of humor, i liked to see them armed, pretty bizarre.

    By the way, tu español no tiene nada de basura 😉

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