Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr, Tupac, and Barack Obama.

I found this to be very powerful and helps me understand our history.

Martin Luther King Jr’s words over Tupac’s music, with a vision of the future, Barack Obama.

We have come far, and Obama becoming president is not the culmination of their dreams, but a stepping stone.

Obama will become president tomorrow and he will likely spend most of his presidency trying to mend the economic system of America. But the social problems we face, that MLK and Tupac both preaced about are still rampant. MLK and Tupac were both gunned down before they could see their dreams realized tomorrow, with the first black president.

Gun violence, black on black crime, the development of gangs with coastal or neighborhood rivalries, drug addiction and poverty, the poverty not necessarily from the current economic problems, but the ones written into the American core, these are all problems that still plague the nation today. Mlk Jr and Tupac represent two different generations of black men, and I think they would be rejoicing in the presidency of Barack Obama, but I think that they would not want people to view this historic event as the end all be all for racial accpetance. The real problems that Obama has to address in order to show real changes, can be seen in the faces of the victims of Katrina left behind, the faces of the broken and corupt prison and ‘justice’ system, and the underclass that is usually forgotten.

Obama’s call for the American people to do their part and serve their country to change is the right way I believe. But right now, I just feel greatful to live in a country where we are looking to the past for understanding, inspiration, and hope.

I encourage everybody to read not just about the current problems of today, but the ones of the past 100 years so that you understand how we got to where we are, and so we can learn from the great leaders and everyday men and women who fought the power to achieve change and social and economic justice.

The night Obama was elected I drove around Oakland and Berkeley listening to Tupac’s changes, and this video is very moving to me.

We refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt!

Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy!

A huge and vital step towards racial justice, but there are MANY more to take.

Enjoy this video!

also, the I had a dream speech in full


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    Sérgio Henrique Ribeiro da Silva said,

    Wow… you really touch me with this comment.
    I do believe that tomorrow is a historical day. Historical beautifull day, even not being in America, not being an american. If you just travel that a little more than 40 years ago, there were places in America where black and white people couldn´t share the same side of the bus.

    Tomorrow is a day to see HISTORY.
    It won´t be easy, things are pretty nasty. Nasty in economic matters, you have Gaza and all the Middle East problems…. But at the same time when you see Obama with a speech that basically says ” we´ve a lot of work to do “. This says a lot of this man, he ain´t jerking around.
    What really pleases me is to see, that holy christ, the butcher is gone and now Gore Vidal gonna have to find some extra years to finish Empire. It just gained another chapter.

    But then again,tomorrow it´s history, and it´s great to see so many aspects of the 60´s activism in this whole path that lead Obama to this historic tomorrow.

    I congratulate all the american people for this choice, personally i congratulate you Rebecca.

    Here in Latin America we all feel the same. With the same joy and understanding that the historical situation that took Barack Obama to the presidency, sure obligates us all to remember of Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Tupac, to say a few with fame and the millions and millions with no name who lost their lives because of the colour of their skin.

    Tomorrow things shall have a new way to be handled, doesn´t mean that the problems are over, of course not. But this feeling of new, this of change, that´s it!

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