Disgusting politics of Israel

The following is an exert from an article from the Guardian:

Israel’s prime minister, Ehud Olmert, said the defence minister, Ehud Barak, was preparing the army for a surprise attack. “We won’t give the terror groups warning as to when and how we’ll react, but Israel will respond and act at the time and place of its choosing,” Olmert said.

But the foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, who leads Kadima, which dominates the governing coalition, demanded an immediate reprisal. “We need to use strength and a lot of it, there is no reason to wait,” Livni said.


The Israeli government is completely out of control. If we thought that American elections were crazy, Israel has surpassed us into the realm of complete unabated insanity. The Kadima Party is scrambling for the votes of those who vow to never give Israel to the Arabs by using violence as a political tactic that ruins Israeli’s reputation all over the world and most importantly put the peace process and ceasefire negotiations eons of years off. The lives of the Palestinian people are completely expendable to the likes of Livni and Barak. The idea that it is an acceptable idea to punish the Palestinian people with ‘disproportionate’ attacks show that Livni and Barak are living in a different universe than me, and most of the people who want to see a peaceful resolution in the region. 

I want the current Kadima and Labour party out of power, but the other viable option is even worse! The Likud party under Netanyahu would be even more devastating to the peace process. 

Israel needs a Barack Obama. People talk about the need for a reasonable Palestinian leader, but it is Israel that seems to be even more incapable of finding a smart non warmongering leader. The current Israeli administration is using terror to win an election.


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    Lynn said,

    Becky, I couldn’t tell from reading your post that the quoted remarks were in response to rocket attacks into Israel by Hamas today. Also, it sounds like Barak knows about war and wants a thought out response. It is normal for politicians to give different view points on the country’s actions. Happily, our country voted in Obama. Hopefully the Israeli people will elect the more thoughtful, peace prone party. This is also from the article in the Guardian you referred to:

    Her (Livni’s) remarks were perceived as a veiled attack on Barak, who also leads Labour, and who said Israel would act with discretion. “In election season, there is a lot of chatter by people who have never held a weapon and don’t understand the conditions under which we must act,” he said. “Hamas was dealt a severe blow and it will be dealt one again, but the decision needs to be made by the experts.”

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    Lynn said,

    I hope you can feel hope becky. Maybe this will help:


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    beckyluz said,

    I do not condone the rockets launched into Israel this morning. What I am angry about is that Israel would risk more civilian lives and sabotage the ceasefire and peace negotiations by reigniting the chaos and destruction of the past month. And the election timing is what I believe is motivating this hawkishness.

    The rockets being fired are not the threat that people make them out to be. AND, the people of southern Israel are not confined to stay there. It does not make it right that they should have to live areas subject to warfare, but lets not forget that the people of Gaza cannot leave! When IDF forces sprinkle leaflets telling them to evacuate their homes, where shall they go? Israel? Egypt? America? They can’t, that is what the occupation and blockade mean for these people. Israel needs to learn that when they fire on Gaza they are firing on themselves. Shooting themselves in the foot, as a manner of speaking.

  4. 4

    Lynn said,

    Yes, good Becky!

  5. 5

    I couldn’t agree more about the out of control and insatiably violent leadership the isreali people have. Uri avenry from Gush Shalom talks about the blood stained monster. Noam Chomsky refers to them as the war criminals. But these terms aren’t even adequate.

    Where is the compassion and protest of other world leaders? that’s what i find so hauntingly distressing about where we are in our history today. The silence form the rest of the world’s leaders shakes me to the core. So good on you Becky for speaking up and speaking out!


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