Israel’s covert actions undermine their safety

Read this: Israel’s covert war against Iran

How well do covert operations work against ‘hostile’ governments? Ask America. America’s history of covert operations especially in Iran and Guatemala did not end to pretty. The 1953 coup in Iran and the 1954 coup in Guatemala both set in motion a history of oppressive governments and revolutions.

Interventionism does not work and it undermines the sovereignty of other nations, which the people of these nations resent. Which sets in motion a domino effect on foreign affairs that might take decades to repair, if it can be repaired at all. (i.e. Iran)

Israel is making the mistakes of America, but doing so from an much more vulnerable position. Israel answers to nobody and run around the world with their ruthless Mossad agents. See my earlier post on what the Mossad did in Norway.

It frustrates me to see the same mistakes being made over and over again, and the blowback from this not really covert action presently in Iran might prove to be an even bigger disaster than inaction.

Israel needs a revolution. Their system of democracy or government or whatever you want to call it is not working for its people and for the people of the middle east and for the people of the world.


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    Lynn said,

    Scary. I think it is really good that you intersperse the Muppets with your other blog entries, cause otherwise it is too depressing sometimes. Keep your sense of humor and hope, always. LV

  2. 2

    beckyluz said,

    i mean- its just so crazy- Israel is assassinating Iranian scientists because of their alleged work on nuclear science and weaponry. They are so out of tune with what the consequences of this type of foreign policy can and probably will be.

    But yes, Muppets are a good distraction. Jim Henson believed that people were inherently good and left a positive mark on this world.

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