Muppets found America


A couple of things

a. kermie does look adorable in his tommy jefferson outfit!

b. piggy as a baberham lincoln!

c. paper airplanes at continental congress!

d. the muppets make everything better, and piggy is such a great feminist!

e. Remember the Alamo!

This show was a 80s tribute to America and Liberty with Martin Sheen. Big Bird reminds us that the presidents of America have not been very diverse because there have never been any elected birds. But the muppet reenactment of the continental congress show a bunch of chicken heads and rats!

I would love to see the muppets reenact the circus of our current congress and administration. I think Kermit would make a great Obama, Miss Piggy could play either Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. And I think the Swedish Chef should play Senator Lindsey Graham. A silly man with silly theatrics. And obviously Statler and Waldorf could alternately play McCain. Tax cut obsessed, grumpy, and always up in the balcony looking over the chaos and thinking he knows better than the rest.


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Lynn said,

    Good idea, Becky. You are a silly goose muppet.

  2. 2

    Lynn said,

    /funny! did you notice bert and ernie’s brief appearance- when the saints came marching in! LV

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