Israel Plans to Expand West Bank Settlements (again)

UGHH! This is probably the worst news to come out of Israel in the most recent weeks when bad news has been coming out of Israel exponentially. 

The settlements themselves stand as the most stubborn blockers of peace in the Middle East. And the expansion of them is a slap in the face to everyone who is trying to promote peace.

There has to be something we can do. MJ Rosenberg of the Israel Policy Forum tells us that Silence =Death.

He also says that the settlements will be the death of Israel. As long as the people of Israel tacitly or explicitly support the expansion of the settlements, or even just the existence of the settlements there will be no peace.

Here is a good video on the issue of the settlements in the peace process. This is from last summer, and the fact that the settlements continue to plan huge growth is extremely disconcerting.

Here is a video on what is happening now

The settlers will only be moved by force, will this ever happen?


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    Sérgio Henrique Ribeiro da Silva said,

    The videos are a good piece of explanation. Settlements are an issue that really should be brought.
    If before there just wasn´t any solution who had peace and civilizated actions on the line, well, now there´s less.
    Just turn back the tape to the end of the last year and begin of this one, right on Gaza. After the elections you see that it´s not only the ones in command with some wrong minded thoughts. The ones who voted also have their minds into more violence to solve this issue.

    It´s just impossible to have any normal, peaceful solution on the horizon. Why? Look who´s in charge now, it´s trully serious to have these people in charge… The Three Stooges ( Livni, Netanyahu and Lieberman ) are really violent, dangerous and scary people. Likud, Kadima and Israel Beitenou are parties with a pretty well know way of handle with any sort of trouble. Or they buy the problem, or beat it till the issue drop dead.

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