Israel’s blockade

The amorality of a modern day blockade is fairly obvious. People should be granted the freedom of movement. The walls and blockades that divide the Palestinian people would not be tolerated anywhere else in the world or by any other country than Israel.

Here is a video made by the director of Waltz with Bashir, about the physical blockade of the Palestinian people and the barrier that the blockade enacts on the peace process.

Also, here is an article written on the huffingtonpost by a Palestinian American and his experience with the blockade and his maltreatment in Israel.

And finally, here is a link to the news article about the member of the Alvin Ailey dance company that was taken into a security room and questioned on his identity and intentions because of his Muslim name. He was forced to dance in the airport to prove his identity. As this is not an isolated event in humiliating a profiled muslim person trying to enter Israel, a man was forced to play a violin to prove it was not filled with explosives. 

These incidents illustrate the unfair and policed state of Israel’s blockade. The reality of an American whose country pours tax dollars into Israel getting harassed due to a Muslim name or a Palestinian ethnic identity is a but a minor result of Israel’s heavy hand. 

If I go to Israel this summer (which I might) I will not be questioned in this way. I do not have a muslim name or any reason for them to question my intentions. In fact, I can even apply for citizenship as a Jew. In fact, I can even go to Israel for free paid for by the American Zionist machine that pushes North American (Canadian and American) Jews to connect politically and ideologically  with Zionist Israel. 

Hopefully they don’t find out about my blog. I don’t think the Birthright movement would approve of my message of condemning Zionism and the Israeli Occupation.


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    Lynn said,

    Powerful video!

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