UN Reports Slams IDF for War Crimes



Thank god the UN hasn’t also drank the Israeli koolaid.

I hope Israel takes this seriously and starts to reform and punish the IDF who commit these atrocious war crimes. Bus according to this new york times article, there is a war brewing within the IDF ranks, and the religious nationalists are winning if the new PM is any indicator.

Is there any hope though? What is happening in Israel? What happened to secular humanism in Israel? Their international identity is totally one of war and militarism. Supposedly they are going to undergo a PR campaign to ‘rebrand‘ the Israeli name. Good luck Israel, the only PR campaign you need is a peace solution which is also reportedly not “a priority” for Netanyahu.


And on an update on Tristan Anderson, his parents are calling for a full investigation into the shooting. He has had 3 brain surgeries in a week and has severe damage to the frontal lobe of his brain. Lets see if the IDF claims responsibility which they never did with Rachel Corrie.


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    Lynn said,

    Good post. That is very bad news about Tristan Anderson. Frontal lobe damage can cause terrible problems. LV

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