I am a graduate student of history living in Oakland, CA.

I believe that discussions of history are necessary if we as a international community are going to learn to love and accept each other.

Honest inquiry into what the shared meanings of the past are for ALL  people is the key to human progress.

And part of my passion in creating a new international paradigm of love and acceptance is through children. Sesame St and the muppets were the light of my childhood. This blog is an attempt to show the world (or more accurately my readers) that a better future does exist if we honestly put priorities in the understanding of our global history and the education of ALL children. Boys and girls in America and abroad. We HAVE to start seeing others suffering as our own, and the images of poverty stricken, war stricken, and diseased stricken children is unacceptable especially when done by the implicit and explicit misdeeds of the human race.

My favorite baby and muppet

My favorite baby and muppet

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