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Happy Birthday Sesame St!

I love you! Thanks for everything you have done! 40 years of greatness!

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Please take a look at this…

So Durban II- the UN conference to discuss racism is a total circus complete with clowns Alan Dershowitz and Ahmadinajad and an actual guy dressed as a clown. There a numerous countries ‘boycotting’ the conference in Geneva because it is being heralded as anti-semetic, which unfortunetly has come to be equivelant with denouncing Israeli militarism. Please look at this very good website documenting what one woman has seen and experienced at the conference.


More soon!

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bathtime fun


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Rabbis against the occupation


I really believe it is the job of Jewish Americans to stand up against Zionist aggression and crimes committed by the Israeli government and the IDF.

This along with many other organizations are beginning to expose the truth of what Israel stands for, and these organizations are making it possible for Jews to reclaim their reputations in international community. Protesting Israel is not anti-Semitism. Protesting Israel is standing up for human rights which is the concern of not just Jews but all people.

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Gaza Conditions in 2009

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Read this…

An article on the bill that the Senate might sign…

Whatever your views on the violence in the middle east- i think that this bill is not the right action or stance for the US to make.

I think it should not give Israel such a carte blanche to do whatever it likes to the people of Palestine. You can condemn Hamas, and still push towards peaceful resolutions in which Israel shows more restraint, I mean- the bombed a UN school.

Here is the bill…

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The world according to Sesame St

please watch!



isn’t this fantastic?

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