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Harvey Milk


Go see the new Sean Penn movie about Harvey Milk… it was inspiring… and it was a call to arms for us to look at how we as a society treat people that are “different.”

Really, a beautiful movie. But the feeling I left with was, I HATE GUNS…i hate that a person can steal the life force of a person from a distance, through a ever growing technology of violence…and this violence is as American as the constitution. I have been considering my view on violence as a means for social change, which although it might have been proven effective (abolition of slavery in the American Civil War) how many great and beautiful lives have been stolen from us as a civilization because of crazed people with a gun.


Harvey Milk is an example of such a life cut short. I don’t think he was killed because he was gay, obviously he wasn’t. But the availability of guns is just awful…

Sean Penn by the way is Amazing! Oscar Winner for sure: 


go see it!

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