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war is over????? not yet this christmas


could this be true?

could this be true?


I just finished watching the blue and the gray, a civil war mini series from 1982. It was 8 hours…anyways, everytime one war ends, another is back to replace it.  And although the Blue won, there were losers on both sides, and although slavery ended, the torture of racist jim crow society after the tragedy of a failed Reconstruction endured. And although we have an inspiring  new ( black ) president, there has been endless war along the way. And today, on Christmas there is war and violence all over the globe. And the supposed birthplace of Christmas, Bethlehem is in a war torn occupied territory. Hardly a vision of peace.  It is very sad. But on this christmas eve I really do want to challenge my cynicism with the insane idea that peace on earth is possible. 

….I love John Lennon and his vision of a world without violence…watch this bit below about his vision of peace…

the world is run by insane people…

what does power to the people really mean? can we have peace now? can we sell peace? like soap? 

John Lennon said he believes the only way is through nonviolence…is this true?

Peace on Earth? Is this even possible in our wildest dreams? Is war over if we want it?

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John Lennon: Rest in Peace


Another Life Stolen by Gun Violence

Another Life Stolen by Gun Violence

Since December 8th is the 28th anniversary of the violent and tragic death of John Lennon, here are some muppet tributes. 


letter b….what b words does your mother whisper to you?

yum yum yum…

I’m thinking of U John Lennon

imagine peace…

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