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The world according to Sesame St

please watch!



isn’t this fantastic?

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Kami, the HIV positive muppet

Sesame Street is really all over the world. Part of the reason I love them so much is their positively ambitious quest to give children all over the world positive role models and educational programming that might level the playing fields. In their quest to provide programming that is positive and relatable to children all over the world, each different show has made up new muppets to serve their viewers. In South Africa, many children are born HIV positive, and having a muppet that experienced the same would provide those children with a role model that they could love and empathize with. Introducing Kami!

Of course American media got hold of this and said sesame st was trying to normalize HIV and homosexual behavior. Really!

But I think it is truly great. Sesame St has always pushed boundaries. In 1969 it was the first kids show to feature a multi-racial cast and have an urban setting. Now, in places like South Africa, there are characters that have to deal with real life problems that affect children and deal with it in an age appropriate way.


Here is Bill Clinton having a sit -down with Kami, 


and here is a snipet of Kami in action. She is so great!

And then stoopy pundit talking ignorant crap…


here is an article if you are interested by time magazine…

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