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Former IDF Members Speak Against IDF

I like to post links to articles and videos that I think show that not all Israeli’s and Jews are drinking the current Zionist koolaid.

Here is an article by one such man, Simcha Leventhal  who served on the IDF from 2000-2003. 

I am so grateful to the people who speak out against the moral degradation of Israel Nationalism and Policy.

If you don’t read the link, please read this on his call to challenge the Israeli Government’s War Policy:

Challenging them, we must quote not only the numbers of dead civilians, many of them women and children, but we must also say openly that the methods used by our military were ones with known results. Our government knew in advance that the artillery shells would result in hundreds of civilians dead and wounded and thousands of homes destroyed. When they decided to move forward anyway, they did so in complete disregard of international law, dragging our military to a new moral low.


Here is a video with the testimony of another former IDF member speaking his truth on the IDF and the immoral occupation of Palestine:

His message is that we need a true moral debate on the implications of the occupation on both Israeli and Palestinian societies, and to do this, more IDF members and Israelis must speak their truths on the immoral actions of their government.


Here is a much longer video on the testimonies of two veterans of the IDF:



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