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sorting out Israel issues on a blog

I feel like (as a friend pointed out) I am too harsh on Israel. I am. I am not completely sure why. There is something irrational about the passions I feel when I learn about corrupt and hawklike actions that Israel takes. America makes similar policy acts and I don’t feel the same sense of rage. There is something very deeply rooted that makes me react differently to Israeli history. I think it is important to explore our own prejudices. If racism and prejudice are social diseases, I think that a remedy is talking honestly and openly about them. I do not want to hate on Israel. I do not want to think that all Israeli’s are spoiled and entitled from the group of them I met in Guatemala, or racist and nationalistic like the ones I met in Panama. I also do not want to think that all Arab men are sexist….the list could go on. I do not want to be ignorant. If anything, this is what I dislike the most about myself. My quickness to judge people. I feel like I need to re-learn some lessons from Sesame St. 

People are different, but we are all people. Pre-judging and grouping people into categories is often unfair and dehumanizing. I want to be more open to Israel. In fact I really desire to go there. Being of Jewish ethnicity makes this complicated for me. Do I want to go as a birthright? Because I am Jewish, I have a place in a country far away…a place where there are walls built to keep Palestinians out? I guess I feel a version of white man’s guilt. But I also am mildly obsessed with Israel and its divisions. I recently watched a video on crazy Israeli settlers that want to wage war on Palestinians to get them off their God given land. It was extremely disturbing, but then I read an article about Israeli settlers of the West Bank who want to leave, and want peace desperately. I need to realize that for every crazy racist zionist, there is an Israeli who yearns for Peace. 

I am guilty of letting my passions get to me, and I think that perhaps most of the literature I have read on Israel has been very critical. I am open to reading suggestions…

Anyway, I really want to explore why Israeli history strikes such an emotional cord within me, some of the reasons I know are too personal to put here, but I do know that there is Israeli and Palestinian versions of Sesame St.  


The Grouch character is named Moshe!



Unfortunately they have separate versions, because the project to have a joint version Sesame Stories had problems. Its sad, but they could not even get along to produce the show successfully. The details seem murky to me, but I am interested enough to dig a little deeper. More to come on the Israeli and Palestinian Sesame projects.


The brown grouch character is named Moshe!

The brown grouch character is named Moshe!


An article on the Palestinian version is here.

Palestinian Muppets

Palestinian Muppets


An article on the Middle East Sesame projects!

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