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So funny! 

don’t talk about the holocaust on sesame st!


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Layoffs on Sesame St

sad state of affairs when sesame st has to let people go….

and count- stop trying to profit from other muppets’ job losses

and bert… not the time for same sex benefits!

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Remember with your head…



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Muppets found America


A couple of things

a. kermie does look adorable in his tommy jefferson outfit!

b. piggy as a baberham lincoln!

c. paper airplanes at continental congress!

d. the muppets make everything better, and piggy is such a great feminist!

e. Remember the Alamo!

This show was a 80s tribute to America and Liberty with Martin Sheen. Big Bird reminds us that the presidents of America have not been very diverse because there have never been any elected birds. But the muppet reenactment of the continental congress show a bunch of chicken heads and rats!

I would love to see the muppets reenact the circus of our current congress and administration. I think Kermit would make a great Obama, Miss Piggy could play either Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi. And I think the Swedish Chef should play Senator Lindsey Graham. A silly man with silly theatrics. And obviously Statler and Waldorf could alternately play McCain. Tax cut obsessed, grumpy, and always up in the balcony looking over the chaos and thinking he knows better than the rest.

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Comedy podcast:Bert And Ernie Show

I just found a podcast of Bert and Ernie! So cool! Kermit makes regular appearances! I wonder if Jim Henson could ever have imagined a ‘podcast.’ My guess is he could because he had like the best imagination ever, but still technology is a trip. I’m not sure I really like the podcast because I like to see my muppets, not just hear them, but it is just so crazy the stuff you can find on the internet.



Comedy podcast:Bert And Ernie Show


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Three chunks!

10 foot pigeons! oh my

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Roosevelt Franklin

What happened to Roosevelt? He was so joyful! Sesame Street teaching pride, tolerance and self-love and acceptance. Its amazing that when this aired in 1969 and the early 1970s, having a mainstream children’s show about black children was so groundbreaking, and especially showing them being friends with their white neighbors. Roosevelt sings about ‘back in the old days’ when people had shame about their skin color, but now he knows that being black is beautiful and he loves it. Somehow I don’t think this could air now because it is so obviously dated. Society has changed so much, or we would believe it has changed so much that there is no ‘need’ for a Roosevelt muppet singing about being black (or purple as it may be 🙂 ) 

But Sesame St in the old days was always trying to push the conceived boundaries with songs like “its not easy being green’ and the monster song where they sing about how they look different but they are all monsters nonetheless.


Here, Roosevelt teaches his class about Africa, pointing out the resources it has been exploited for, gold, diamonds and oil! These videos with Roosevelt aired during the Black Power movement and Black is Beautiful Era. James Brown came out with Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud in 1968.

And now, 40 years later…a black first family, and everyone is talking about how beautiful they all are.

I know America is patting itself on her back right now, but there still needs to be an overhaul in order for the racial justice the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power movement advocated. 

But all and all, I think Roosevelt Franklin would be soooooo happy to have a President that looked like him.

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